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What we do

Abode Impact aims to deliver positive social impact for wheelchair users, their families and local government by promoting the provision of high quality, accessible homes in the UK Private Rented Sector.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2018 stated that 1 in 3 disabled people living in private rented homes were in unsuitable accommodation. Wheelchair users in unsuitable accommodation are four times more likely to be unemployed and needlessly require support from local government or their families, resulting in economic costs and social stress.

We don't believe it has to be this way. After over three years of detailed research and collaboration with specialist organisations, landlords, investors and most importantly wheelchair users, Abode Impact is ready to demonstrate that accessible homes can form part of any housing portfolio, deliver good financial returns to stakeholders and create social value for tenants, their families and the community.

We'll be doing this by:

1. Operating portfolios of accessible housing in key locations across the UK, working with investors and other sources of capital, starting with a pilot project of 30-40 properties and then growing from there.

2. Advising existing owners of let residential property on including accessible housing within their mix of properties, and helping them to access the demand from wheelchair users and their families for a long-term, properly configured home they can enjoy.

Speak to us

Whether you're a developer, investor, member of local or national government or a wheelchair user or family member of a wheelchair user, we'd love to hear from you.

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