If your organisation has an existing rental portfolio and would like to integrate accessible housing in order to provide a more inclusive offering, we can help.

Beyond working on own portfolios of accessible housing, we can help existing large-scale investment funds and other major landlords to:

  1. Identify the areas within their portfolio where financial or social benefit could be delivered by including accessible housing in their portfolio. We can produce heat maps of likely demand based on factors such as transport links, frequency of enquiries from potential tenants and availability of appropriate housing stock.

  2. Establish a clear asset design plan for accessible properties within their portfolio, including "wet room" bathroom design, kitchen units, switches and power sockets, floor plan adjustments to facilitate turning circles and entry/exit arrangements.

  3. Produce a fully researched financial model for the proposed changes to demonstrate to key stakeholders that returns from the portfolio once it includes accessible housing units will be comparable to existing PRS assets.

  4. Educate team members in tenant facing roles on the things they need to know to manage accessible property effectively.

  5. Where required, conduct tenant finding activity and other support services using our network of contacts with large employer organisations, disability websites and charities.

Contact us using the links below and we can provide a tailored proposal which suits your particular requirements.

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